Monday, 20 June 2011

57 down, 143 to go

I think I mentioned in my Argentina blog the BBC Big Read books that I am working my way through. The list was compiled by a survey of the nation's favourite books in the early Naughties. Like any good list-maker, I am hugely enjoying the ticking off, rather than the reading.

I'm on 57, The Chap is on 64. I have been working my way throught this list for the past few years and yet still have still to overtake him. So.... I may cheat. Has anyone read the Tracey Beaker books? These comprise of a whopping fourteen of the total 200, only just pipped by Terry Pratchet with fifteen. Is it cheating to read these to get ahead? Maybe, but it does mean that I am joining the local library and that has to be a Good Thing.

Another book list:
When I was at university I asked everyone I knew to recommend me a book and this list I still have somewhere, it ought to be dug it out and shared. At the time I remember sending a text out to nearly everyone in my phonebook and getting a reply back from one person just saying 'Why?'